Nation Cup Padel 4 februari 2024.

Welcome to the Grand Launch of the Expat Padel Nation Cup powered by Welocate on 4th february 2024 in Amsterdam, an event that promises to ignite the magic of representing your own nation on the padel court.

🎾 Unite with Your Nation: Form a team of 4 skilled padel players to proudly represent your country in the game you love.

🌍Playing for a team brings out something magical” It lifts and supports us, pushing us to give our best.

🏆 Compete for National Glory: Challenge your skills, strategy, and teamwork to compete for the ultimate glory. Feel the weight of your flag and the camaraderie of your teammates driving you to excel in padel.

🥂 Cheers to Victory: After the games, unwind and celebrate your achievements or simply enjoy the camaraderie with drinks, delicious bites, and fantastic prices. It’s not just about winning; it’s about sharing moments with your fellow countrymen and expat friends.

Join us at the Grand Launch of the Expat Padel Nation Cup 4 februari 2024  in Amsterdam, and experience the unique feeling of representing your country on the padel court, connecting with like-minded expats, and creating a sense of home away from home. All info , format and tickets are in the link. We can’t wait to see you on the padel court, united under the flags of nations! 🏆🌟