Workshop Mindwalking

Physical activity in the open air is great and that in combination with mindfulness is a golden combination. The immediate reward is huge. The investment has brought immediate health benefits and a sense of mental strength. We all need this.

How often do you:

  • drive somewhere and notice that you didn't get/don't remember part of the ride?
  • not taste what you eat?
  • don't know what someone said because you were doing something else?
  • you notice how tired your really are after a busy day?

Paying attention to the here and now, the core of mindfulness, ensures that people stay connected with their own needs, qualities and creativity. According to neuroscience, mindfulness practice changes our brain. It ensures better cooperation between the different parts of our brain and we create new neural connections. The power of the brain is clearly visible in top sport where winning or losing is often decided mentally. It's time to take a breath.

Mindwalking is a combination of walking, mindfulness and breathing technique. Breathing connects you with the here and now. Mindfulness is about awareness and living in the present moment. It is time to take a breath!