Meditation for Performance

A 2 hour workshop designed to clearly identify the main benefits meditation can have on performance, and the different ways to focus your practice to develop each benefit individually.

Meditation has very positive effects on body and mind. Many studies today show a direct link between meditation and these positive effects on the mind and body. Twenty to thirty minutes of daily meditation can have an effect on reducing anxiety, lowering the level of mental stress, improving the immune system, the tendency to anger and more.

How present are you now? Are you really here? Or are your thoughts elsewhere, entangled in thought and emotions, past and future, without being fully aware of it? It's all too easy to live focused on the next item on our endless to-do lists, hoping to tick it off and feel good no matter how long that feeling lasts. But when, if ever, do we allow ourselves to just fall into the present moment as it is—to practice abiding in consciousness, in the domain of being, or, if you will, in the domain of 'not'. -to do'? This rotation in consciousness can catalyze a very different way of being and acting in the world.