As a former squash professional and coach I have traveled the world and met many people from all different countries. Sport is unique in the way it connects people. As a coach I have inspired many to be physically active. This has numerous benefits for our wellbeing, regardless of the level of play. Simply discovering and trying something new is good for our health. Squash is healthy and you can enjoy yourself at all levels. While playing squash we build a lively, healthy and happy team together.

Team building gives team members the space to get to know each other in a different environment and in a different situation. Entrenched group dynamics and possible hierarchy disappear and make way for new fruitful collaboration. Outside the office in a non-threatening and fun environment, colleagues learn from each other. People discover qualities they didn't know they had. Experiencing, striving for and discovering new things together creates connection and a feeling of 'we'. In addition, mutual trust is strengthened. The feeling of being strong together creates connection.

Let's play!
There are many life lessons to be learned from sports and we are happy to share them with your team. To inspire you, we organise tailor-made team events. Let's meet.