Teamwork is the power behind any successful business. Only when employees come together, share a common vision and purpose, pool their strengths, complement their weaknesses and help each other can an organization excel.

The World Rugby Member Unions identified Integrity, Passion, Solidarity, Discipline and Respect as the defining character-building characteristics of rugby.

Let's play Rugby !
How cool is it to enjoy a rugby clinic with your team. A great activity where cooperation, communication, trust and fun are paramount. Coached by New Zealand professionals with international experience, who played at the highest level.

The dance performed by the New Zealand rugby team is the Ka Mate, the most famous Haka. This dance has its origins in 1820, when a Maori leader was on the run from another tribe. He shouted 'Ka Mate, Ka Mate' during the flight, which means 'I die, I die'. Fortunately, the leader made it safely to another tribe where he could hide. The words then changed to 'Ka Ora, Ka Ora', or 'I live, I live'.


The haka is a traditional Maori dance that is used for many different important moments. The Haka dances are used by us during team building activities. The dances are always accompanied by trainers with a Maori background.