Good communication is essential for a productive team. Hilarity, tension and game elements ensure optimal communication between colleagues and change the dynamics within the team. While communication in the workplace can sometimes stagnate, team building breaks with old patterns and breathes new life into communication amongst employees.

A theme stands for a challenge that you and your organisation, team or relations will tackle in a sporting and informative way, literally and figuratively. This can be improving mutual communication under pressure, setting and achieving joint goals or thinking about the right strategy to perform optimally as an individual and as a team.

On the water with Olympic champion
Henk Jan Zwolle takes you through his Olympic experiences in creating team spirit and improving team effectiveness. How do the teams within top sport ensure that they work together so well so as to deliver the desired performance at the right time?

Top sport lends itself perfectly as an inspiring metaphor for team development and the value of effective collaboration in general. Henk Jan translates this into lessons for teams in the business world. Henk Jan Zwolle won Gold in the Holland Acht during the Atlanta Olympics.