Paralympics Basketball

Fun and enthusiasm in the workplace! Laughter, humour and fun increase job satisfaction and promote a positive and productive atmosphere. A positive and pleasant working environment increases mutual trust, improves communication and stimulates creativity. The ability to think openly leads to innovative ideas and puts challenging situations into perspective. This advantage is often overlooked, but in fact one of the most important effects is pleasure… Enjoyment at work is indispensable for success!

An amazing experience. Participants learn everything about collaboration, perseverance and communication skills are put to the test. An event where there is also a lot of laughter together and where the fun connects the team.

Paul tells his own story, about the accident and what it brought him. He doesn't even want to turn back! An exceptional man with enormous positive energy.

Paul, a former Paralympic athlete in wheelchair basketball. At the age of eighteen, he suffered permanent injuries to his leg as a result of a traffic accident. After his rehabilitation, he started playing wheelchair basketball.
In 2016, he concluded his career after participating in the 2016 Summer Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro.