Paddle is magic! When you step into the cage, you immediately feel the energy and enthusiasm of your fellow players. Team members get to know each other on a different level and this usually strengthens the relationships between them. A good atmosphere!  

Padel is Play. Padel fosters a magic vibe. Padel is a sport that's all about connection and teamwork, and that's what makes it such a powerful social experience. Whether you're playing with friends or with your businessteam you'll quickly find yourself bonding over the shared challenge and excitement of the game. Overall, padel is an excellent way to bring people together and create a sense of camaraderie, trust, and teamwork. By playing the sport, team members can get to know each other on a deeper level and develop stronger relationships that can benefit them both personally and professionally. The good vibe and fun aspect of padel make it an excellent choice for teambuilding & inclusivity. Padel is a great option that offers something for everyone.  

Padel in its current form was invented by Mexican millionaire Enrique Corcuera in the 1960s, although we can trace its origins back to 1890 when it was played by British sailors in the lower levels of their naval vessels. The first padel courts in Spain were built in 1974, in Marbella. With almost 10,000 padel courts (about the same number as Argentina where the game developed earlier), Spain has about 4 million regular players and the number of registered players is constantly increasing. The sale of paddle rackets in Spain is almost four times that of tennis rackets.

Padel is very popular in Spain, Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil. Other countries around the world are slowly developping the padel fever. Things are starting to move in the UK, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Belgium and the Netherlands. In fact, we could be entering the golden age of padel as it is currently the fastest growing racket sport in the world.
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