Workshop 'If you sit, you stand still'

Why do you get complaints if you don't move? How does that work?
How many vertebrae does a whale have? What are the 4 best exercises behind the desk? And, exercise also helps your brain??

Paralympics are the best people to tell you that sitting is not good for your body.
Everyone knows by now that exercise benefits our health, but what about that?
Who better to help you with healthy sitting than someone who has been sentenced to sitting.

In a playful and relaxing way, Paul Toes (paralympier) and an exercise scientist know how to get every participant moving passionately, in such a way that people become intrinsically motivated and experience happiness and pride in moving and above all see the need for a healthy body and brain. We feel better and we enjoy life more. It strengthens our immune system and has many positive effects on our health.

Paul Toes is a former Paralympic athlete in wheelchair basketball. At the age of eighteen, he suffered permanent injuries to his left lower leg as a result of a traffic accident. After rehabilitation, he took up wheelchair basketball and ended his career in 2016 after participating in the 2016 Rio de Janeiro 2016 Summer Paralympics. He currently works at the Basketball Experience NL Foundation.