Nation Cup Padel February 4, 2024.

Welcome to the Grand Launch of the Expat Padel Nation Cup powered by Welocate on 4th February 2024 in Amsterdam, an event that promises to ignite the magic of representing your own nation on the padel court. Unite with Your Nation: Form a team of 4 skilled padel players to proudly represent your country in […]

Personalized Play CLUB

“Play”, the heartbeat of your company's culture. Reflecting on the various events, from the Expat Club to business ventures, the profound role of play has emerged as a guiding force.“In every real man, a child is hidden that wants to play.” – Friedrich NietzscheWhether it's the shared laughter at the Expats Club or the camaraderie […]

Expat Padel Club AMS.

Tickets for Expat Padel Club AMS 4th of May There is nothing that brings people together like padel. Serious! It may seem strange, but there's just something about it. Padel convinces with its simplicity and its very high fun factor. The rules of the game are quickly explained and the basic techniques of the individual strokes can be learned quickly […]


Paddle is magic! When you step into the cage, you immediately feel the energy and enthusiasm of your fellow players. Padel is a sport that is all about connection and teamwork, which is what makes it such a powerful social experience. Team members get to know each other on a different level and this usually strengthens the mutual relationships. A good one […]


Teamwork is the power behind any successful business. Only when employees come together, share a common vision and purpose, pool their strengths, complement their weaknesses and help each other can an organization excel. The World Rugby Member Unions identified Integrity, Passion, Solidarity, Discipline and Respect as the defining character-building characteristics of rugby. Let's play Rugby !How […]

Paralympics Basketball

Fun and enthusiasm in the workplace! Laughter, humor and fun increase job satisfaction and promote a positive and productive atmosphere. A positive and pleasant working environment increases mutual trust, improves communication and stimulates creativity. The ability to think openly leads to innovative ideas and puts challenging situations into perspective. This advantage is often overlooked, but in fact […]


Tennis is a popular sport in the Netherlands. In its contemporary form, it originates from France and has been played since 1873. Its name is derived from the French word “tenez!” what in Dutch: take it!! (the ball)! stands for. A theme represents a challenge where you and your organization, team or relations literally and […]


As a former squash professional and coach I have traveled the world and met many people from all different countries. Sport is unique in the way it connects people. As a coach I have inspired many to be physically active and play. This has numerous benefits for our well-being, regardless of […]


Good communication is essential for a productive team. Hilarity, tension and game elements ensure optimal communication between colleagues and change the dynamics within the team. While communication in the workplace can sometimes stagnate, team building breaks with old patterns and breathes new life into communication between employees. A theme represents a challenge where you and […]

Beach Games

Compete with each other in different teams on the beach! Come up with names for the two sides, let the battle erupt and compete against each other. Build big catapults, build bamboo in 3D and make sure you can win the trial with the team during the Grande Finale. Beach games. Drive […]