Nation Cup Padel February 4, 2024.

Welcome to the Grand Launch of the Expat Padel Nation Cup powered by Welocate on 4th February 2024 in Amsterdam, an event that promises to ignite the magic of representing your own nation on the padel court. Unite with Your Nation: Form a team of 4 skilled padel players to proudly represent your country in […]

Personalized Play CLUB

“Play”, the heartbeat of your company's culture. Reflecting on the various events, from the Expat Club to business ventures, the profound role of play has emerged as a guiding force.“In every real man, a child is hidden that wants to play.” – Friedrich NietzscheWhether it's the shared laughter at the Expats Club or the camaraderie […]

Expat Padel Club AMS.

Tickets for Expat Padel Club AMS March 16   Er is niets dat mensen zo samenbrengt als padel.  Serieus! Het lijkt misschien raar, maar er is gewoon iets mee. Padel overtuigt door zijn eenvoud en zijn zeer hoge funfactor.De spelregels worden snel uitgelegd en de basistechnieken van de individuele slagen kunnen snel worden geleerd zonder […]


Paddle is magic! When you step into the cage, you immediately feel the energy and enthusiasm of your fellow players. Padel is a sport that is all about connection and teamwork, which is what makes it such a powerful social experience. Team members get to know each other on a different level and this usually strengthens the mutual relationships. A good one […]