"A team that sweats together
stick together"

Empower through play

Sport & Play is the common denominator in the world that brings everyone together.  A catalyst for productivity and happiness.

Play the gateway to vitality.

Team building has the power to build stronger relationships which in turn will improve productivity, engagement and morale.  Companies that embrace pleasure see satisfied and vital employees.
Companies that embrace "play" see higher employee satisfaction among a positive impact on the wellbeing of its people.
Employees greatly appreciate a playful culture.
It stimulates cooperation and creativity and gives health a boost.
So how can you make your culture more playful?
Play stimulates vitality, cooperation and creativity.
Plan events for the company and build traditions that can benefit the company's culture. One of the key features of Team Power's events is the use of sport as a way to bring people together. Nicole recognized the power of sport to break down barriers and promote collaboration and chose padel as the main activity for many of her events.

Team Power organizes many different events and workshops to inspire teams and companies.

Many of life's great lessons can be learned from sports. Here are some profound lessons of wisdom to inspire you.

Health is our greatest asset.
Rome was not built in a day.
Get up, get dressed and show yourself.
Practice makes perfect.
Where one door closes, another opens.
Together Everyone Achieves More.
Change is the only constant in life.
Actions speak louder than words.
Believe in miracles.

We work with top athletes, coaches, speakers, scientists, sports psychologists, writers and others who will inspire your team.